Rochester Home Infusion

Rochester Home Infusion

 Montana de Bronce/Bronze  Mountain Sponsor

Rochester Home InfusionWe’d like to start our sponsorship posts with Rochester Home Infusion (RHI), our highest level sponsor at the level of Montona de Bonce, or Bronze Mountain Sponsor RHI, we can’t say thank you enough for your continuing support of Day of the Dead Poets Slam!


Rochester Home Infusion provides IV medication to their patients in the comfort of their own home. From their website, RHI provides, “IV (Intravenous) medications where it’s comfortable and convenient for you – in your home, hotel, or temporary residence so that you can go back to work or school and return to normal life.”


RHI was founded by Joselyn Raymundo in 2013, who has over 15 years of experience in home infusions. Joselyn is a great community member who both helps people in need and supports the local arts! We had such a great time talking to Joselyn and Karla at RHI about the work they do, and their excitement and joy about our local community.

You can hear Joselyn talk about her journey and RHI in this video!

Danny and I were able to take a tour of their lab, and it was really sweet to talk to the staff and see where everything happens. It was clear from talking to Joselyn and her staff that they really care about their patients, and making their lives with IV medication as convenient as possibly.


Rochester Home Infusion - Nicole
Nicole, a satisfied patient, who can live a full life with help from RHI.

Click here to read about Nicole, and many more Rochester Home Infusion stories. 

If you think you could benefit from RHI’s services, please contact them.  If you know anyone who could benefit from RHI, please share. Their mission is really important, and we can help connect them to people in need!


You can find out more about RHI at their website:

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