Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association (IMAA)

Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association (IMAA)

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Thank you IMAA for being a sponsor to this event!

IMAA stands for Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association, and as the name suggests, they provide tons of different services, including language translation and interpretation, teaching cultural understanding to the Rochester community, and helping refugees with the transition to Rochester with career help, grants, and much more.

From IMAA’s website:

“IMAA was founded as a nonprofit organization in Rochester, Minnesota in 1984 to respond to the complex needs of thousands of refugees resettling to the area from war-torn Southeast Asia. IMAA provides culturally and linguistically appropriate support services that foster the well-being and independence of refugees and immigrants in their new home.  These services span the spectrum of need and range from employment to interpreting; health care access to vocational training; social services to victim services.

Last year, IMAA programs helped s 258 refugees and immigrants find employment and helped guide over 1,200 people through the complex systems of health, language, legal and social services.”

IMAA Dance
A child dances at IMAA’s Walk Around the World Festival.

Danny and McKay had a great time performing a poetry/dance collaboration at IMAA’s Pearl Gala last year, and were very moved by the stories told during the evening. A young woman got on the stage and told the story of how IMAA helped her escape an abusive situation and get a job and apartment in Rochester, MN. We are truly amazed at the work IMAA does for our community.


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