Gallery 24

Gallery 24

Calavera Level Sponsor

Thanks for your support, Gallery 24! We appreciate the support of fellow local artists!

Gallery 24 is a collective of local artists, currently housed in Forager Brewing Company (1005 6th St NW, Rochester, MN 55903). There are 13 artists listed on their website as part of this collective, you can read all about them here.

Cassandra Buck Arr
A piece by Cassandra Buck, hanging at Forager Brewing Company

Gallery 24 has donated 3 artworks to our event, and they’ll be for sale on Friday night at the Very Important Pachanga. Make sure to come by to see what is available!


Gallery 24 was founded byCassandra Buck in 2015, and is growing fast. We’ve been to a number of their artist opening and closing receptions, and it’s always great to talk to the artists about their work while enjoying food and drinks from Forager. The walls at Forager Brewing Company are made much more interesting by the rotating artwork provided by Gallery 24. Plus, the work on the walls is usually for sale, so if you see something you love while getting a beer, you could take it home at the end of the show!


Photograph by Dawn Sandborn, Gallery 24 member.


There is a Artist Reception for Patricia Dunn-Walker on Sunday, Nov 6, 4:00 – 6:00 PM. So make sure to stop by the reception for a little more local art after Day of the Dead Poets Slam! Click on the photo below to see the Facebook Page for this event.

Patricia Dunn-Walker Event


We think it’s great for local artists to group together like Gallery 24 to support and uplift each other. Make sure to check out their work online, and in the Brewery!

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