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Crown Trout Jewelers is a sponsor again this year! Thanks for all your support CTJ!

Crown Trout Jewelers is an independent fine jewelry store based in Lanesboro, MN. CTJ is one of the few jewelry stores left that make everything by hand, and everything in house – from drawing designs on paper, to stone cutting, wax carving, casting, fabricating, finishing/polishing, and even some leather work!


Crown Trout Jewelers is known for work that is high quality, artful, unique, and handmade. Their work is often inspired by the natural world – animals, landscapes, and other natural phenomena, and also by symbolism from Scandinavian heritage. Liz Bucheit, owner and Jewelry Designer/Goldsmith, is strongly connected to her Norwegian heritage, and has studied traditional fine silver filigree techniques in a Folk School in Norway. Her work uses traditional techniques to create stunning contemporary designs, often inspired by elements of Norwegian folklore, like the Huldra (siren-like fairy women with cow tales), the four elements, and Scandinavian Gods and Goddesses.

Jewelry By Liz Bucheit
Clockwise from top: Fine Silver Filigree Pendants, Sterling Silver Huldra pendant, Reindeer leather and Pewter Thread Saami-inspired Bracelet – All by Liz Bucheit.

Michael Seiler, also owner and Jewelry Designer/Goldsmith, has his specialty in stone cutting and inlay, including special techniques like stone-in-stone inlay. One of his signature styles is called the Birth of the Moon (see below), which has a small stone inlay in a larger circular stone, symbolizing a story about how the moon might have been born from the waters of a dark ocean.  Many of Michael’s designs are inspired by animals and nature, such as this Crescent Moon ring, which represents a crescent moon hanging in the sky while the sun (Citrine stone) rises over the green trees (Peridot stone). He also plays guitar, and this love of guitar playing has inspired him to make gemstone guitar picks out of jasper, agate, and even fossilized dinosaur bone!  

Jewelry by Michael Seiler
Clockwise from top left: Birth of the Moon Pendant Onyx with Opal inlay, Crescent Moon Ring, Gemstone Guitar Picks – All by Michael Seiler


CTJ does tons of beautiful custom work, so if you have old jewelry lying around that you don’t wear anymore, it may be a perfect piece to remake into a new jewelry! Or, if you’ve ever wanted to learn to make your own jewelry, they also teach classes in bracelet making, stone cutting, silversmithing, and more! Make sure to call them for more information, or check out their online sales store below!


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