Blue Moon Ballroom

Blue Moon Ballroom

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Blue Moon Ballroom was founded by Fred and Myrna Gommels ten years ago, in fact, the Blue Moon Ballroom is coming up on their 10th anniversary this weekend! Fred and Myrna started the Blue Moon to share their love of social partner dancing, like swing, waltz, nightclub two-step, tango, and much more.

Social Dance at the Blue Moon Ballroom
Social Dance at the Blue Moon Ballroom

The Blue Moon Ballroom is a beautiful venue for attending social dances, and if you’ve never danced before, they always have an introductory lesson at the beginning of the night. In addition, the Blue Moon is available for rent for events, and is a very popular spot for weddings and wedding receptions.

Fred started offering weekly group dance lessons and private dance lessons several years ago, with a focus on creating confidence and style on the social dance floor. If you’re looking for a place to learn to dance with your partner or friends, the Blue Moon Ballroom is a great option.

Tango workshop at the Blue Moon Ballrom.
A tango workshop at the Blue Moon Ballroom.

Recently, the Blue Moon Ballroom has started to focus on Argentine Tango, which is a beautiful and dynamic dance, and very rewarding to learn. When you see people doing tango in the movies, it’s usually Argentine Tango!  So if you’ve always wanted to learn to dance, maybe try some tango at the Blue Moon Ballroom.

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