Amarama Art

Amarama Art

Calavera Level Sponsor

Amarama Art is the business of local artist (and the Art Director of our event) Amarama Vercnocke! Amarama is a very talented artist of many mediums, whose recent work is primarily their soft sculptureswool needle-felted sculptures that are vibrant, colorful, and totally soft and touchable.

Not only are we thankful for Amarama’s work on our Production Team, we are also very grateful that they have chosen to sponsor this event with their business!

You may have seen Amarama’s work recently at the Rochester Public Library for their exhibition, “Seeking Art Through Touch & Needle Felting” which explored how a number of famous works of art could be recreated as a 3D touchable wood needle-felted piece. This would allow those with sight impairment or those who are sensory-seeking to experience these famous works through touch, on their own terms.

Amarama Art Dali
“For the Love of Dali” from Amarama’s exhibition at the Rochester Public Library


This exhibit was so successful, not only were the works beautiful and striking visually, they were also amazing to touch and feel how the original flat images could become objects with volume and depth – especially since you’re not usually allowed to touch art at the museum!

Amarama Art Van Gogh
A close up of Amarama’s sculpture of Vincent van Gogh.


In addition, Amarama also does custom work, often making familiar characters from movies or books, or recreating family pets as realistic mini sculptures. They can even include fur from a pet who has passed away into the sculpture, making the sculpture even more meaningful.


Amarama Art
Two little dogs made by Amarama Art

Make sure to check out Amarama’s Facebook Page to see more examples of their work, see some progress pictures, and maybe get inspired to order a soft sculpture of your own!

For more information about Amarama Art visit:


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