Alliance of Chicanos, Hispano, Latino Americans (ACHLA)

Alliance of Chicanos, Hispano, Latino Americans (ACHLA)

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ACHLA is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that works to respond to the needs of Chicanos, Hispanics and Latin Americans in our community. Our philosophy is to work cooperatively with other organizations that offer services and resources to our target population. We offer programs in the areas of education, health, communication, cultural events, leadership, economic growth and spirituality.


We are so thankful to have ACHLA’s support again this year in Day of the Dead Poets Slam! ACHLA is a sponsor for the third year in a row, and we couldn’t do this event without consistent support like theirs.


Dancers at an ACHLA event
Dancers at an ACHLA event at The Creative Salon, 2013. Photo from ACHLA’s Facebook Page. 


ACHLA is a vital organization for the local Latino community in Rochester, MN and the surrounding area. They have hosted multiple events in the past, including LatinoFest and Dia de los Muertos celebrations. They also provide educational opportunities for adults and children alike.


Performers at LatinoFest, 2015.
Performers at LatinoFest, 2015. Photo from ACHLA’s Facebook Page.


ACHLA says it best, this is from their Facebook page in the “About” section:

Our ultimate goal is the Integration of the Hispanic community while maintaining our cultural identity and heritage. We work to build a sense of community and belonging among ourselves and with the community at large. We share our cultural heritage, involve other organizations in our activities, and collaborate with other groups serving the Hispanic community, and with community members from different cultural backgrounds.


For more information about ACHLA, visit them on Facebook: ACHLA Facebook Page


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